Works for Organ

List of (most of) my organ works. Not included here are my works for digital organ, which require custom tuning schemes, and works I am probably forgetting about at the moment …

Groove Litanies

Short solo representative of the type of thing I like ūüôā


Set of 6 pieces, two haven’t been performed yet, and I’m not even done writing one of them. That said, the last movement is possibly my favorite of my organ works, and the hardest too (two years of work to learn that thing).

Millennium Book

So far two volumes, with a third very close to done, of simple pieces¬†intended primarily for worship settings or pedagogy, though I’ve concertized some of them too. Published by Firehead Organ Works.

Various Hymn Settings

I’ve written lots of hymn settings, including those familiar to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here are a few of them. Some of these are also published by Firehead Organ Works.

Curio Cabinet

Meditationes¬†vitae ChristiOne¬†of¬†my¬†favorite movements is missing here because it’s hard to play and I didn’t have the patience to learn it, though Michael Bonaventure pulled it off brilliantly in his premiere.

Also, Michael’s performance of the first movement on the meantone instrument at Oosthuizen is just incredible in my opinion.


Another short solo piece, a work from my student years.


Wow, here’s one¬†I hardly ever think of any more, also an old student work.

Mercy and Truth

My one serious work for organ and choir, though I might be inclined to revise it if anybody does it again.


Finally, this gigantic set for organ and electronics.

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