Just Intonation

Harmonium Trial Run

I’ll be a while getting my ears acquainted with the possibilities inherent in this tuning, especially given numerous intervals that I calculated through one path but ended up nearly identical with other meaningful intervals suggesting other harmonic paths (2233/2048, which is 29x11x7, is practically indistinguishable from 12/11). So here’s a bit of a test in …

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It’s just … just … just intonation!

Philosophical Guideposts Purity, exactness, integrity (integer). The distinctive buzz of purely tuned harmony, especially in lower limits. Acoustic instruments. Too much JI music for headphones already. Nothing replicates physical acoustic instruments. Favor instruments with independently-tunable strings or pipes or bars (no frets, no tone holes): piano, concertina, organ, psaltery, tube chimes, etc. The harmonic series. …

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