I do music. Not, “I am a musician.” There is devastating absoluteness in the words “I am”; a potential death sentence to identity. I do music. Or, more accurately, I do music for now. A friend of mine, who shares my church affiliation, once expressed to me the sentiment that “composer” is core to his …

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It’s just … just … just intonation!

Philosophical Guideposts Purity, exactness, integrity (integer). The distinctive buzz of purely tuned harmony, especially in lower limits. Acoustic instruments. Too much JI music for headphones already. Nothing replicates physical acoustic instruments. Favor instruments with independently-tunable strings or pipes or bars (no frets, no tone holes): piano, concertina, organ, psaltery, tube chimes, etc. The harmonic series. …

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Phrase Expansion

Phrase expansion is one of the most expressive tools composers have at their disposal. Various ways of expanding a phrase can heighten anticipation, toy with expectation, and lead a listener on a satisfying journey. Studying how composers expand phrases is important in interpreting their work and can enhance the creative work of composers in any …

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