Neil Thornock

Works for Organ

List of (most of) my organ works. Not included here are my works for digital organ, which require custom tuning schemes, and works I am probably forgetting about at the moment … Groove Litanies Short solo representative of the type of thing I like 🙂 Hexaptych Set of 6 pieces, two haven’t been performed …

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What with two harmoniums, a concertina, and a bowed psaltery, I already have a proliferation of long-sustain organ-y sounds in my ensemble … which is appropriate, since I am an organist at heart. But I’m also a carillonneur at heart, and I love bells of all types, so I’m looking to add more ring-y percussive …

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Harmonium Trial Run

I’ll be a while getting my ears acquainted with the possibilities inherent in this tuning, especially given numerous intervals that I calculated through one path but ended up nearly identical with other meaningful intervals suggesting other harmonic paths (2233/2048, which is 29x11x7, is practically indistinguishable from 12/11). So here’s a bit of a test in …

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